Friday, 13 September 2013


Hello, my faithful readers.

 How have you been? I hope each and every of you had a wonderful summer full of adventure and happiness. I do realise that it has been half a year since the last time I shared any of my thoughts with you and I do believe that most of you might have stopped looking forward to an update, since it's been such a long time. I cannot judge you though. You have every right to be frustrated, practically because of the blog's being too abandoned (recently). As for those that remained faithful to the blog and still try to come by to check in to Tsi every once in a while -though, I can't thank you enough.All of you, my beautiful Stardollians are such a great inspiration that empowers the writers of the blog not to give up even though everything is against them. Life has been pretty busy here and I had to sacrifice a lot of my proper activities for the sake of studying.I'm so sad that I have to leave even though it may be for a little while, and I do know that you may think that this is nothing new to you, as the blog has stayed inactive for a couple of months already, but I just felt like coming back to you and keep my promise. I said that U weren't willing to leave the blog and that I'd try to keep it as active as I can, but I believe you can easily figure out that for a single writer, such a thing is sort of impossible. I'll try to post whenever I get a chance and I thank you all for your "embracing" patience. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous article, that -needless to say- I appreciated so so much and although I didn't get to answer each and every of them, they truly have my heart melting and my smile widen every time a new (comment)update comes up. 

Have a nice winter; Good luck with school/university/work and try not to forget that deep down Tsi is still here embracing all of its wonderful followers and also that there's still someone here struggling to come back as soon as they can, so that they are able to post more and keep you all updated. That someone being me. ;)

Until next time,
Good luck!
~Anna (.Duffy)