Thursday, 21 March 2013

A little thank-you

Hello my dear readers.
The Stardoll Insiders; a chapter full of fun, piece of advice and inspiration comes to an end for most of our writers. Our beloved blog, just like a luxurious ship, that once provided its passengers its facilities, has recently sunk into the ocean of "abandoness". Though here I am, fighting on my raft, refusing to let go. Fighting with the waves watching them rolling in and break, whilst pulling me violently towards the shore, towards giving up. But I promise you my faithful readers, I'll try with everything I have not to let go, because it's far too sad seeing Tsi inactive, let alone closing it down permanently. So, whenever I read how much faith you're all putting in this blog, it just makes me feel so happy as well as willing to post more and try harder to keep you updated about everything when it comes to stardoll. People like you inspire me giving me the motivation to write more and try my best to keep everyone of you entertained and up-to-date. Truly thank you to each and every of you that remain faithful to the blog, fighting with the waves and supporting me.
 Love always
~Anna Dawn (.Duffy)