Friday, 8 February 2013

Start over? (;

Hello  my beautiful Stardollians
This blog has been inactive for such a long time and honestly, It feels so sad, to close it down. 'The Stardoll Insiders' had always been one of the most popular blogs, a place for everyone who enjoyed being up-to-date, as far as Stardoll's concerned. I know the writers are too busy to write here anymore, but I really do believe that we could start over. So, I'm going to have a little talk with Rosalie.C and Mattspack maybe, to see what we could do for all of our faithful readers. But firstly, I'd be truly interested in finding out what all of yous' think. 

Are you excited about a start-over? Do you think this should be the end of Tsi? Let me know. I'll keep you updated.

Have a nice day, ~Anna (; (.Duffy)