Monday, 27 August 2012


Today I have several updates for you guys. First, there are 2 new floors in Tress Up. I think they are based off of celebrity hairstyles because of the first name each of them have listed on the price tags.
I also have some spoilers for you guys. They are from the new Monster High dress up games for Venus McFlytrap, Robecca Steam and Rochelle Goyle. I think these will be free for some sort of campaign but I hope they release another Monster High store and release clothes from the Dot Dead Gorgeous line, Skull Shores, Ghoul's Rule, etc. What do you guys think? It would be cool if they released outfits from the new characters like Venus, Rochelle, Robecca, Howleen, Operetta, Toralei, etc. Finally, I'm here to show you guys the new blueprints in Stardesign Fashion. There are a pair of pants for women, a pair of pants for men, a pair of blue suede shoes and a bag from the basic shop. What do you guys think of all the new updates?

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 XXX Mattspack :)