Monday, 30 July 2012

Mad Bargains Monday!

Hey Dolls!

It's Monday (Ew) but not all is bad! It's a Mad Bargains Monday! "But Rosalie, what does that mean?" Well...
I'm feeling a little cheap today (budget wise, of course!) 
And what better to put a smile on mine, and your, face than a classic Stardoll look that's easy on the budget? And a whole day dedicated to doing so!
But just because an outfit is cheap, it doesn't mean that it can't be cute at the same time!

Here's a non-ss outfit I found that's chic and cheap! 

And for our Superstar and Royalty members, a gladiator inspired outfit that can be bought from two days worth of your Activity Earned Star coins traded in for Star dollars! 

If all else fails, remember to check out the Starbazaar! I was only there for a few minutes and found some bargains.
See what I mean? Cheap is the new chic!
Enjoy your Mad Bargains Monday! I know that I will!!