Saturday, 26 February 2011

Who got through..

For some of you this is the moment you've all been waiting for.... who got through to the writers competition. Well, it wasn't easy to be honest. There were so many entries, I was searching for people who were dedicated, who took their time to fill in the form properly and not just quickly skim it, for those who used good grammar and have been on Stardoll for long enough.

So the people who got through, in no particular order:

1. l.o.l.i.p.o.p

2. Fluff_bomb

3. *puppylover101*

4. coolgirl185

5. evermore1girl

I couldn't stop here, there were too many good entries, so I chose 13!

6. Fruitygirlxox

7. j-o-d-y

8. lala-land_gaga

9. babyxnatalie

10. CorkyH

11. Godest200

12. xxxkittkatxxx


13. Frozta!

As soon as you have seen that you have got in please add me on skype: zeedhort so you can tell me your e-mail, you will be writing for a copy of TSI so that you can post about the things that you want to. I hope everyone keeps up to date because next Wednesday me and the judges decide who is out.

To everyone who didn't get in, theres always next time right?