Thursday, 24 February 2011

Updates, Updates, Updates

To all the people who ordered in the guestbook of TSI-shirts, thank you, the T-Shirts are now on sale for 6SD.

To all the people who saythat TSI is copying USD, thats not true. Sarah (hilarymad2659) and I had a chat back in September about this idea, rasising money for comp prizes, but of course we needed V's approval first but two months later in November USD launched this idea, now in February the idea for TSI is being taken into action, believe it or not.

To all the poeple who say they can create better designs well, I'm going to do a comp soon, this shirt will just be for March, the comp will be who can do a T-shirt for April & May, I will take entries soon. I do agree that the shirts aren't quite up to scratch but give me some credit I only got 2 mins to make them.

Have a nice day