Saturday, 12 February 2011

Round 4♥

Well done to all my finalists! Wow...stiff competition for the last one! But I have counted all of your votes and I would like you all to say well done to her for getting this far in the competition -
Unfortunately you got the least votes in this round but never mind, you walk away with 5 stardollars! Contact me asap to let me know when to claim your prize!

But there is a winner to this round and I would love to sya congratulations to -

Well done for winning this round!♥

The next round is....
Inspired by your favourite celebrities! and don't worry, I will not specify, you can choose your own fave celeb! But you HAVE to write which celebrity you are picking in the entry!

Everything has to be inspired by them, clothes, make-up, the whole lot. x

Mimi | GuitarGirl6000

P.S - Chloe275 did send in her entry for this round, but unfortunately, the URL wouldn't show up, I don't think it's fair so I have kept her in the competition, so she is still in the competition, but her entry didn't come up!