Sunday, 20 February 2011


After this poll, I am not doing any more for two or more weeks, I can't stand the horrible comments that I receive in comments. I would understand that you'd be pissed and say something like 'Jeez Zoey, my outfit was nice, why not pick mine? :(' but swearing at me for not picking you, and what really annoys me is that you people can't even use your real accounts to do this, you're hiding behind anonymous. I take my time of my REAL life and my stardollars to help others have a nice time, and what do I get? I get sworn at. Also, TSI is not really active so I will start posting some spoilers and free things etc, I'd love if you'd help me by telling me some stuff in comments ;)


Welcome back, I have here, the 15 people who got in. Beware, orginally around 20 people should have got in, but my PC went funny and shut some tabs down so some of the people who were supposed to be in it weren't, sorry.

Here are the people who got in (click on images to englarge)

I'm very sorry again if you were one of those people whose tab got shut down because I didn't have time and there were a lot of entries, I couldn't go over them.

Anway, well done to the people who were successful in getting picked and well done to the people who entered because I have entered these sort of comps too, I know how long it takes to enter and prepare, but thanks for entering anyway!


People with cropping problems:

Tysha_jonas - too small

Have a nice day