Saturday, 5 February 2011

New Year, New Start

Hi Stardolls!

Sorry I haven’t been on lately, you know how life is. But I'm back now, and I've got a couple things to share.

Firstly, my days of roleplaying Rosalie Hale are over ( :( ) But this doesn’t mean I'm finished roleplaying all together. I've been wanting to try roleplaying someone else for a while now, and what better time to start then the New Year?!
I'm taking on the character of Blair Waldorf from the much loved TV series, 'Gossip Girl'. This means I'm in search of good, dedicated roleplayers who are a fan of the show/books. I will be opening my newly decorated themed rooms shortly, all at once.

Secondly, I'll be starting a new segment on TSI. Other then acting& singing, it's my next favourite hobby: reading. Now, wait, before you stop reading this and think of me as a nerd, stop and hear me out. Reading is great! And I’m not talking about the boring educational type of reading. It's heaps of fun, and there are millions of amazing topics to read about! I'll be sharing with all of you my favourite books and also asking you about yours. Stay tuned, and trust me, this definitely will not be a boring segment! Have I ever disappointed you before?! (I hope not!)

Love Always,
Rosalie.C on Stardoll.