Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Free Elizabeth & James Bubbel shrug (SS Only)!

Although this jacket is rare that's not all that I like about it, I like the jacket itself. Some E&J collectors out there or recent buyers of this shrug must be fuming because it's very rare and goes for a lot of Stardollars. Well to you E&J collectors: you better start selling your stuff cause it looks like stardoll are giving all the E&J out free now, remember the Aurora dress?

1. Anyway to get it go to a german proxy , any one of these: / / /

2. Now in the blank box on the proxy you're in paste this link and press go:

3. Log into your stardoll account

4. Now paste this link into the proxy box:

5. Now log out of Stardoll on the proxy, and go to normal stardoll, it should be in your suite! Enjoy!

The down side is that it's only for SS as stated in the title.
Thank you to SMW.