Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Vote 2 Save Update!

I have been looking through all of the votes and it appears that lot's of "Anon" posters have voted for tess.purple
I wanted to say that this doesn't seem right to me, like ad if the votes have been rigged. This might not be the case and I will not make any assumptions because that is wrong. But what I will do is say this.

Do not vote for somebody because they are your best friend, vote for the person who you think dresses the best!

It appears some people have also pointed out that people are only voting for her because she has put her medoll on a pedestal, and because of her background, and one person said that her medoll just looks "Plain".

May I repeat, PLEASE only vote for who you think is dressed the best, not if they are your friend!

I'm not telling you to stop voting for Tess either, because thats not fair, I'm just saying please look further than her background, look at what she's wearing and how she ties the outfit together.

It's only fair.

Mimi | GuitarGirl6000