Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Round 2 Winners! Start of Round 3!

Hey Guys,
So after all the drama and disappointment I have come to the winner and leaver of Round 2, and I managed to tabulate your untabulatable votes and the winner of this round is....


Well Done Novyle, you have won this round.

But unfortunately, we have to see someone leave the competition, all of the entries were amazing and thank you so much to everyone who entered, they look great♥ So lets give a big hand to the person leaving the competition.


I'm unfortunately you have to leave the competition for getting this far! But don't worry, you won't leave empty handed, you've won yourself 10 Stardollars! Contact me ASAP to claim your prize!

Round 3!

For Round 3 it's Lady Gaga Time! Imagine you were going to be a Lady Gaga model for a new Play and Earn doll

(I'm also going to make a poll from Polldaddy so that there's no drama like before)

Your outfits have to be completely original, you cannot use any of the Lady Gaga inspired items in the Starplaza.
Keep it colourful, the crazier the better.
Only KIND Comments please.

Mimi | GuitarGirl6000