Monday, 3 January 2011

New Archive

UPDATE: Stardoll must have released these 2 items by accident as they are no longer available. They have added some different clothes including a Barbie dress. Yay? :3

Finally the stardoll staff are back :D and they have released some new Archive clothes.
Most are not that great but they have also released a HOT BUYS COAT and DKNY GLOVES!! Now I thought it was bad when stardoll gave out rares for free but we never expected to find dkny and hotbuys in Archive. Possibly the most annoying thing for DKNY collectors is that now the gloves no longer say DKNY on them but instead Archive :S
Do you think this is good or bad? Do you already own these rares?

The Hot Buys coat was originally 15SD and is now 16SD and the DKNY gloves were orignally 6SD and are now 7SD.

Saz | HilaryMad2659