Saturday, 1 January 2011

Instant access to Stardoll Royalty with 12 Months Membership!

Picture credit from AmyTheJater

Sorry I have not posted in a little bit so as I was hopelessly searching stardoll for something to do I noticed somebody came to my page called AmyTheJater she has the same name as me, (Amy) so my impulse reaction was to visit her page and I saw she had a blog -
So I checked out her blog and I found an important piece of information that I could use for the blog, I would like to put full credit to Josefin and her blog. x

So have you been weeping because you haven't earned a Diamond? Can you not gain access to the Stardoll Royalty club? Sob no more! If you can convince your parents to buy you a full 12 month membership, you earn your diamond AND a place as Stardoll Royalty!

The picture is blurry here so if you would like to view a better image, go to the blog, the link is in BOLD above.

Mimi | GuitarGirl6000