Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Free items

Today there are a few free items from stardoll...

To get the mortal kiss trophy:
1) Just go to the mortal kiss page on stardoll:

2) Click on the box with a rose on top
As you can see on the picture above this is today's gift and therefore there will be a new free gift given every day.
You will find it in a gift box in your suite

To get the moxie girlz poster:
If you are from the US you will get it when you log in.
1) If you're not go to the following link:

2) Log into stardoll

You will find it in your suite in a moxie girlz bag

To get the black dress from Voile:
If you are from Poland click HERE and enter the contest

If you are not from Poland:
1) Go to or
2) Paste into the proxy server's blank URL box.
3) Click ok or hit the enter key on your keyboard
4) Log into Stardoll
5) Paste the following link into the proxy server's URL box and press enter on your keyboard:
6) Close down the proxy server and go back to Stardoll as usual
You will find it in your suite

Saz | HilaryMad2659