Monday, 17 January 2011

Free 2008 Hotbuys Anchor Necklace

Stardoll have decided to give away an old hotbuy from June 2008 for free. Ithink it's good that people who didn't get the opportunity to buy it the first time can now have it, but still it would be better if stardoll could make new items to give away.

If you are from Brazil click HERE and enter the contest to get it

If you are not from Brazil:

1) You will need to set a Brazilian manual proxy such as: with port 8080 or with port 80

(click HERE if you need help setting one!)

2) Then go to the following link:

3) Log into Stardoll

4) Go to the following link:

5) Turn the manual proxy off

You will find it in your suite ;D

Sarah | HilaryMad2659