Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Changes in stardoll royalty

(Sorry for the late posts today!)
I just went to visit the stardoll royalty club and immediately I noticed a change, a new owner. The new owner is called Mette.Stardoll and has been asked delete a lot of "bad" topics in SD royalty due to many complaints. At first I thought it was a good thing, having an active owner, but she seems to be intent on deleting normal topics that many users enjoy such as rating medoll topics. She claims that they can lower people's self esteem... when really I find that people are just having fun and if they do offer advice, they are only trying to help. And also I find her a little bit too nosy... :/

But as I was reading through her posts in the club one thing that she hinted might be added to stardoll was an off button for chat like we used to have. I really hope they make it.
Do you like the new owner?

Saz | Hilarymad2659