Monday, 17 January 2011

90 million members on stardoll!

Stardoll is growing bigger and bigger everyday and we have reached the landmark of 90'000'000 members, which means that next time we will be celebrating we will have a whopping 100 million members. Wow, I hope stardoll do something big for that :D
Anyway.. so stardoll staff decided not to post anything about the 90 million members for a few days and when they did today, it dissapointed many. We are used to the usual collection of tees and ballons and other celebratory items but this time it seems we're just getting normal clothes - and no, none of them are free - prices range from 3sd to 18sd.

But just as we thought stardoll had really hit an all time low they thought it would be nice to give us half of our stardollars back that we spend next weekend (Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd) up to 90sd.

What's your opinion? Should stardoll give more for free?

Sarah | HilaryMad2659