Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Suite 'Improvements'

Earlier today, GuitarGirl6000 posted a topic about the new Suite Improvements. I, too, received the same letter in my suite today, as well as the gold dress. But I need to clear up a few things...

Stardoll wrote something along the lines of "The thing is, you were so clever, that you figured out how to work around a flaw in the system". The 'flaw' was that when you were making the items you made in StarDesign bigger, you could exceed the maximum size on the bar so as to make them huge, therefore you wouldn't have to buy another item because the original one was already doubled in size. There is a big downside to all of this being fixed though. When you go to the parts of your suite with the StarDesign items, the whole room is rearranged.

A few people have said that they didn't receive the letter or the dress. I'm guessing that if you've never used StarDesign for making decor before, you won't be getting the dress. I'm not sure though, so please tell me below if I'm wrong.

Reading through the comments on the other post, I see a lot of negative feed back. Apparently, you can't really see what you're doing when putting an outfit on your medoll. Hopefully, this changes, but we will most likely have to get used to the changes.

Love Always,