Thursday, 16 December 2010


We’re happy to announce that StarBazaar – Stardoll’s Vintage Marketplace – is now open to everyone, not just Superstars.
Who can BUY in StarBazaar?
  • Superstars (just like before)
  • Non Superstars (if you have over 500 StarPoints and have verified your email address with us)
Who can SELL in StarBazaar?
Selling your self-designed items in StarBazaar is still a Superstar-only feature,  but if you feel there’s an inner Stella McCartney in you, just upgrade to a Superstar membership and start selling your own beautiful creations to the world! 



The Superstar pop-up still appears, but you can buy from StarBazaar if you have over 500 starpoints! :D
Too bad you can't sell items though :P