Sunday, 12 December 2010

Quick Update

I know this is a long delayed update, but I've had the picture sitting in my TSI folder on my laptop for ages and I just remembered about it now.

I'm sure most of you have noticed that when you sign up for a Stardoll Account on the main page, there are a few new dolls to choose from to use as your template. I like how Stardoll have these dolls now, I remember when I first joined Stardoll you only got a basic singlet top and a pair of jeans. Now, you can get some pretty expensive clothing, and even Super Star items, for free.

Anyway, here are the newest additions to the doll templates:

Which one do you like best?
Which one do you like the least?

And also, a big congratulations to Mimi -GuitarGirl6000 for joining The Stardoll Insider's writing team. Good luck with your trial, I hope that you make it through.

Lots of Love,

/ Danielle