Sunday, 26 December 2010

Next Dove Club Item!

The Dove club has just reached 50'000 members and so they have given out the pink heels to the current members! This is the second gift and there are still 4 left.

If you are not a member of the Dove club you can join by clicking HERE (if you are in the USA!) or if you are not:
(Using Moxilla Firefox seems to work best! I know that Google Chrome definitely does NOT work. When ever you try to join the club loads of adverts come up and you can't join!)
Go to:
In the proxy's URL box paste the following link:
Log into stardoll
Change the link in the proxy's URL box to:
Click join club, then yes
IMPORTANT: The proxy has a lot of pop up adverts on it, when you see them just close them down.
Unfortunately you won't get the pink shoes above for joining now but you will get a pink duffle bag and the rest of the gifts when they are available.

Saz | HilaryMad2659