Saturday, 11 December 2010

Hi Everyone!

Hey Everyone!

Wow, what an honour to be here, I'm so glad! I have been accepted to take a trial account here at The Stardoll Insiders! I can't wait to get started! There's too many things to talk about here at TSI!

My name is GuitarGirl6000 and I will be posting daily news for you (if there is daily news) and if all goes well, I will be a permanent writer here! I would like to thank V for giving me this amazing oppertunity at writing for everyones favourite blog, and I would like to say it is such an honour to even be having a trial at TSI! <3 style="font-weight: bold;">


I've noticed that people on stardoll have received these LE Interior Decorations, these are also the patterns of previous collection logos. It seems that you get each LE Collection Logo corresponding with the clothes you have gotten from from each of the collections shown above.

And people who are wondering where you can get these, you can't buy them unless they are in the Starbazzaar, I'm pretty sure it's decor.
You cannot buy these in shops!

They should end up in your suite as a Gift.

Until Next time! <3

Some of the Responses to this post is negative and I'm sorry that you don't want me writing here. I know it's hard to warm to me right now but I'm sure soon enough my posts will be better and the responses will be better :) x

Mimi - GuitarGirl6000