Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Free MegaMind Items

For the 2 'circles':
1. Go to a proxy server like: (if you're not from the UK, otherwise skip this step):
2. Enter following link in the URL box of the proxy server and press enter on your keyboard:
3. Log into Stardoll.

For the Dress you don't need a proxy:
1. Go find your user ID number on Stardoll:
and copy that number.

2. Now go to:
and paste your user ID number at the end! It's possible you'll have to add the '=' between 'u' and your ID number when you click the link!! Another way is to copy paste the link in a new tab.

3. Press 'Enter' and register with fake info!  You only have to fill in the boxes with a *.
(If you forgot to fill something in, it will be mentioned in red letters what went wrong. Just make sure you type the same password twice and that your email has a '@' in it and ends with '.com'. For example:

4. Now continue all the steps. After you're 'registered' you can enter the contest, continue and click the get the dress.

If you want to do it for more than one account you'll have to delete your recent history or try again tomorrow.