Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Todays spoilers are pretty interesting.. there's a lot of 'campaign items'. Which means FREE FREE FREE for us :D

This week's Littlest Pet Shop 3 free giveaway will be this..

Then we have some other items.. probably the next few days of Opera Mystery? But I'm not positive.

A new campaign called 'Kid's Spin Brush'. All items will probably be free.

Next we have another campaign called 'Crafting Mama'. This is related to the popular game called Cooking Mama. Again, the items will probably be free. There is also a dressup of the character coming soon.

Harajuku Girls are returning and so is something related to their club! There will also be a scenery background for you to use (or maybe a suite interior??)

Next there is a doll spoiler.. anyone know who it might be??

And finally, there are some clothes spoilers.

What do you think of everything?

Sarah | HilaryMad2659