Monday, 4 October 2010

How To Vote!

Hey Readers !

Sorry I havn't posted in a while, but my family sprung a surprise holiday on me last Sunday, and I had limited internet access. I missed Stardoll, and writing for TSI, but I'm back with the second How To.

Just copy and paste this link to vote;

Poll Closed!

This time, the choices are;

Quinn Fabray (Glee)
Claudia Kishi (Babysitters Club)
Selena Gomez

Voting Closes tomorrow, 5.00 New York Time. What time will it be where you live then? Find out here -

I won't be doing a non SS this time, it was way to difficult and the feedback wasn't too great. If you want me to help you make your doll look like your character, message me on my Stardoll Account, Rosalie.C