Friday, 3 September 2010

Who wore it best ? Vote :)

So I am here with the poll and the slideshow so you can vote for who wore it best.
NOTE: Sorry if your username or outfit is blurry, I honestly tried my best.

EDIT : This post was orginially meant to be about who wore it best, but I realised Poll Daddy (what I used) only lets me put 28 choices and there were around 53 entries so it wouldn't be fair if some people didn't get included which is why I plan nextime to only let the 1st 28 people enter.

For now, please enjoy everyones entries (if you didn't include your username you won't be in here and DivaStarLucy's outfit isn't what DivaStarLucy created, someone didn't put their username and I got mixed up, sorry)

If you haven't read, you can't vote because too many people entered.

Maybe I shall do another who wore it best tomorrow ?

Sorry again after everyones hard work.

Have a nice day.

- Zoey