Wednesday, 1 September 2010

'Who wore it best?' Examples :]

Hello again TSI readers,

As you know the 'Who wore it best?' competitions will be starting soon, and I just wanted to give you an example of how to do them in case you didn't know, because that would be totally unfair if someone didn't know what to do and they entered and no one voted for them because they didn't do it properly wouldn't it ? So I have came with an example.

Okay, so I would pick a clothing item for example the Stardoll white tube dress from the Stardoll store 'Basics' and I would tell you to create your own outfit with this dr
ess, you would then go to the Starplaza and create the outfit, print screen it by pressing the Prt Sc Sys Rq button on your keyboard, put it onto paint, save the file and upload it to tinypic, then post the link in my guestbook. But there will be a time limit, so for example after 24hrs you cannot enter anymore because you'd have been out of time.

Here is the example of my white tube dress from Basics:

(Click to enlarge)

That is simply showing me with the dress on as 'Before' with no accessories to accompany the dress to make it look nice, and of course 'After' is showing me with the dress and accessories to give the dress it's full character.

PS: If you have an Apple Mac and cannot print screen and you still want to enter then you'll have to buy the item and create an outfit in your suite and tell me in my guestbook.

UPDATE: You can print screen with Apple Mac, just look in comments to find out how :]

Have a nice day.

- Zoey