Thursday, 2 September 2010

Too many entries :)

So the 'Who wore it bes?' competitions took of at 12:00pm GMT time, I didn't know so many people entered so originally the closing time was Friday 3rd September 12:00pm GMT time which would be 24hrs, so after around 40 minutes there were around 8 entries, I then went out for around two hours, came back and there were 45 entries waiting for me, after like 15 minutes went by there were already 53, then another 10 minutes and they reached 60 by the time they had reached 45 when I came back, I changed the ending time to 6:00pm GMT time. Once they reached 53 I changed the time to 5:30. It wasn't me being lazy, well it was a bit, I honestly had a load of work to do, I had to enter all the tinypics/photobucket etc entries into the url bar, copy and paste the image onto Microsoft word, crop the image so it fits and is big enough, put it onto paint, write the names under, save it, upload it to slide etc. I had to do that 60+ times, can you imagine ?

But I have to say that not everybody's entries got entered as some of you either: didn't put your username in or were too late (I left a comment saying that the comp is closed).

I do apologise but next time please do include your username, I am also sorry that people from different time zones couldn't enter, for example some people in America, Canada etc (people who's time zones weren't GMT) I do apologise, but too many people entered.

Also because there were so many entries some of the names are hard to read cause I squashed 5 in at a time when I should've done 4 so I'm sorry, but you can work out what it says.

The poll and entries will be posted tomorrow, you will have a chance to vote up to 10 people, I have blocked repeat voters so you can't keep voting for someone/yourself etc, also I do allow you to get your friends to vote you :)

Also the prize is for the ONE winner, 20 stardollars (if superstar) or 20 stardollars in gifts (if non superstar)

Just to make it clear cause I realised I said 25 stardollars in gifts to non superstar in my other post, it isn't it is 20.

Have a nice day.