Tuesday, 28 September 2010

sd dazzlers

Hello, there has been some problems with SDD!
There were supposed to be two eliminations, but unfortunately 5 people got 3 votes, so how am I supposed to pick which one to leave?
It isn't fair, so it is your time to choose who you want to eliminate!
It would be very nice if you could vote, and tell us who you want to leave. Just go to the latest blog post of TSI's media partner, the stardoll dazzlers! Just go to the link below:
I appreciate your votes very much. I am also proud to announce that Misz_Paparazzi won this weeks task!
No one offered me any modeling in magazines, or donated any stardollars, so, I am very sorry for such the small prize.

Congratulations, there will be a party, hopefully, on Sunday, we will reveal the new task there!