Monday, 13 September 2010

Rosalie's Roleplay; First Suite

Hi everyone!

I thought today would be a great day to show you our first roleplayer. You all remember my idea, right? I hunt down amazing Stardoll roleplayers and feature only the best, right here on The Stardoll Insiders.
This week I thought I’d stick with the Twilight theme, but remember, I wont only be featuring Twilight Roleplayers. Just because I'm a Twilight roleplayer myself, doesn't mean I don't take an interest in other roleplayers.
Our first roleplayer is really popular on Stardoll, and a lot of you may know her as H20_Charlotte, or Bella Swan.
Bella is not only an amazing roleplayer, but she has a beautiful suite and is always so lovely to talk to, and unlike some other roleplayers, she always writes back to you. She is exactly like the real Bella, and her rooms are so much like the Twilight sets you’d think they jumped right out of the movie itself!
Enough talk, here are some shots;

Edwards Bedroom


Bella’s Birthday


The Forks High School Prom

These are only a few of her rooms, but visit her suite to experience the magic of her creativity for yourselves. It’s clear to see how much time and effort went into her suite. 

A few questions I asked H20_Charlotte, answered for your interest;

Why did you decide to roleplay?
1. My decision to begin roleplaying was based on the interesting content the Twilight Saga posed to me and personally I think it is a great thing to do for people who want to get involved, people who love acting and for people who have a passion that they just want to express. I encourage all people who can relate to this and who are not roleplaying already to give it a go.

Why did you choose Bella Swan?
2. I chose to roleplay Isabella 'Bella' because she changes so much throughout the series, and I think Bella shows more growth than the other characters featured. She starts off in the series as a quieter person who no one really notices and very naive to how tough life can really be. She experiences things she never thought she would and through these experiences she becomes stronger both mentally and emotionally. I think she is a great character and roleplaying her is teaching me so much about the future ahead.

What is the best thing about role playing for you?
3. The best thing about roleplaying for me is the challenge it possesses and the motivation of being able to understand the way this particular character thinks and sees the way of life. I too enjoy the thrill of being able to meet new people each day through roleplaying and that alone to me is an important aspect.

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of Rosalie’s Roleplay, and visit back soon to see the second instalment.
I’ll give you a clue for next time... They’re a much loved character from a children’s fairytale.

Lots of Love,
ღℛσsαȴiε / Danielle.