Monday, 6 September 2010

Questions and feedback.

Right so from the last post I made there were some comments and I wanted to answer them, the majority of you were asking these questions.

1. Why does Lolita (Miss_Lolitaf) have to be the funder ?
A. She has to be the funder because she owns a blog that is TSI's sister blog.

2. Why don't I just choose my 20-25 favourite outfits to choose so you can vote ?
A. Well some people won't be happy with me if they for example, spent hours on their outfit and makeup and I just reject it, it wouldn't be fair on them.

3. How do you enter ?
A. When I post what I've chosen you need to make an outfit, print screen it onto paint and upload the file to tinypic, check on youtube to see videos of how to print screen.

4. Can you make entry times longer ?
A. Sure I can but then I'd need to pick my for example favourite 20-25 outfits.

If you're willing for me to say that your outfit wasn't one of my favourites and it won't be included then it might possible change to picking my favourites and then having you vote the best.

Now can I ask you a few questions ?

1. What do you think of Miss_lolitaf as the funder of the competitions ?

2. Do you have any suggestions about how I can make the comps better ?

By the way, I might make the comps one certain day of the week like maybe on Wednesday's only, what do you think about that ? Please leave feedback in comments.

Thank you, just trying to see how I can improve.

Have a nice day.