Thursday, 2 September 2010

My pick for who wore it best (:

Right, so most of you should be familiar with the 'Who wore it best?' competitions.
I have picked the clothing item that I want you to do it with, but first I will post some ground rules (:
  • All entries should be in by 2nd September, 5:30pm GMT.
  • If you are late to hand your entry in then you will unfortunately not be able to participate.
  • All entries are to be given in, here in this posts' comment section.
  • Your ideas shouldn't be copied, they should be original.
Some of them aren't rules but there you go.

Also to make it fair I'd like to say that NON SUPERSTARS CAN PARTICIPATE as well as SUPERSTARS.

So the item I have picked is:

Sorry It may seem blurry (click to enlarge)

Please make an original outfit with this clothing item. It is the bird printed dress from Starplaza. You can find it either in the 'New' section on page 2, or in the shop 'Starplaza Archive'

Thank you.

Any questions ? Please ask in comments and I'd be happy to answer.
By the way you'll be put in a poll and people will have to vote for the best person with the best outfit.


Prize: 20sd in stardollars (If SS) or 25sd in gifts (If non SS)

Have a nice day.

- Zoey