Tuesday, 21 September 2010

How To Results

Rosalie's How To;

Just to recap, I had a link to a vote where you could vote for a character you would most like your doll to look like. Because after all, how can you be a good roleplayer if your doll looks nothing like the character you are trying to potray?

I have to say, it was close.

Coming in at Fourth Place was Snow White with 15.81%
In Third Place was Lady Gaga with 20.76%
Second and First Place was so close...
Second Place was Bella Swan with 30.48%
And coming in at first place, the winner is
Ke$ha with 32.95%!

So, tomorrow I'll be posting a How To Roleplay Ke$ha!
There will be one for ss, and one for non-ss.

I can't believe how many of you voted. The computer counted 525 votes in total! I was expecting about twenty lol xD

See you tomorrow, until then, I'll be hard at work!!