Saturday, 11 September 2010


Stardoll TV items:

Get them in Starplaza: Clicking here!
 (All superstar! Not free!)
Starpoint items at Starplaza!
Dog: Click here! (Superstar - 10sd)
!!! This one is 10sd, if you wait untill you've earned 11000 starpoints the dog only costs 5sd !!!

EDIT: the below headbands don't work!
These three headbands appear as a Starpoint box in your changing room, so I don't think they really work... Anyone with a spare Superstar account who wants to try and buy them? xP Let us know if it works :)
Triple Rose Headband: Click here! (Superstar - 6sd)
Frida Kahlo Headband: Click here! (Superstar - 5sd)
Multi Yellow Flowers: Click here! (Superstar - 5sd)

V. thanks to Stardolls Most Wanted