Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hey Readers!

Hey Stardolls!

My names Danielle, but people on Stardoll know me as Rosalie.C . From the name, you might be able to tell that I role-play Rosalie Hale from the popular Twilight series. For those of you who don’t like Twilight, don’t hold it against me! I have heaps of other interests and I’m sure we’ll have something else in common.
Anyway, I’m here to start a new segment on The Stardoll Insiders called ‘Rosalie’s Roleplay’. I noticed that every now and again, TSI posts pictures of amazing suites on Stardoll. My segment will sort of be like that, except I’ll feature Roleplayers suite’s. And again, for those of you who can’t stand Twilight, don’t worry! It’s not just about the Twilight roleplayers. This segment won’t be permanent, it really depends on how you readers react to it. So far, it’s on trial for a month.
I’ve got several roleplayers lined up to take part, and if you’re a roleplayer and would like to be featured, contact me on the comments to this post or in my guestbook on Stardoll.
I’ll also upload videos on how to make your doll look more like the character your roleplaying.
Tell me what you think of this idea on the comments.
I look forward to showing all of you the joy of roleplaying, and hopefully some of the roleplayers I show you will inspire you to start roleplaying yourselves. And a big thank you to V. for giving this idea a chance (:

Lots of Love,
Rosalie.C / Danielle

UPDATE: Thanks for the heads up about the color (: I hope this is easier to read.