Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Did you receive your dress?

Finally today I got the free inspired by Alexander McQueen dress which was promised after taking a survey on stardoll. Many people took the survey and complained that they never received their dresses and stardoll kept delaying the date in which they were supposed to be sent out. I remembered this a few days ago and sent stardoll a message asking them why I had not received it, but I am not sure whether it was my message which made them send it to me or if they just finally decided to deliver them. So tell us in comments.. have you received yours yet?
If you haven't got it you can try sending them a message by clicking HERE
1) Change the category to 'other questions'
2) In the blank box paste the following:
'Dear Stardoll,
Recently I took part in a survey to help you improve the site. On this survey I was promised a free dress inspired by Alexander McQueen but I have not received it. I filled in all questions and correctly typed my username in the final box, why have I not gotten my dress?'
3) Wait a few days. Stardoll usually takes 3 days to read your messages to them.
Good luck!