Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Camp Rock

Instead of making one club available for everyone, Stardoll has created several clubs in several countries... :(
This is one only Swedish members can see:

At the moment it gives you a guitar. The next few items were the items that you can buy (drums and VIP necklace) clicking here, but I suppose you get them free (?) when you join this club:

You need a Swedish manual proxy to join it:
examples thanks to readers!!: with port 80 with port 80 with port 80

- Thanks to Browse in Stardoll

The club from the UK gives us new items we can get by clicking here! But they are NOT FREE! (2-3sd)

The Italian Club gives us a few freebees aswell, but you need to use a manual proxy like with port 8080 with port 80
and join following club:  
+ go to this campaign page (you'll be sent to a page outside Stardoll):

They all pretty much give the same items, so I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble of using manual proxies...

PS: New Mortal Kiss doll is out! Lucas