Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Camp Rock Summary

The Camp Rock the final jam UK club is leaving!
Last chance to the the Camp Rock items!

Guitar (FREE), hat (FREE) and background (13sd): Click here!

Mic (FREE), podium (FREE) and shirts (FREE): Click here!

Note stand (Free), trunk (Free) and piano (Free): Click here!

 Drums (6sd), jacket (5sd), VIP pass (3sd): Click here!
!! You can get them free at the Dutch, Swedish and Italian club !!

Amplifier (3sd), piano chair (2sd), flag (3sd): Click here! 
!! You can get the amplifier free at the Swedish Club !!

FREE at the Italian Club!

The Italian Club gives us a free shirt and guitar, but you need to use a manual proxy like with port 80 with port 80
(These were old proxies, not sure if they still work. If you find a good one, let us know in comments? :)) 

and join following club (for the guitar):
+ go to this campaign page (you'll be sent to a page outside Stardoll) (for the shirt): 
+ enter following contest (for Drums and a chance on Stardollars):

FREE at the Swedish Club!

Campaign page:
You need a Swedish manual proxy to join the club:
examples thanks to readers!!: port 80 with port 80 with port 80 

FREE at the Dutch Cinema and Club!

If you're not from the Netherlands:
1. Go to a Dutch proxy server like:
2. Enter in the 'Web adres:' bar and press 'Surf!'
3. Log into Stardoll.
4. Now enter in the 'Web adres:' bar and press 'Surf!'