Monday, 13 September 2010

Burham Brothers

Today stardoll have presented us with the band - Burham Brothers. I have never heard of them before, how about you? A bit about them..
"Alex, Andre and Forrest Burnham have been performing together for seven years, which is pretty remarkable because the three brothers from Vermont are, respectively, just 18, 16 and 14.
Burnham has crafted a debut album filled with catchy rock/pop anthems. It features songs like Tedder’s “Catch Me If You Can,” the Espionage-produced “Look Like Her” (“I have been waiting all my life/for someone to come and put things right”), “Thank You,” a collaboration with producer/songwriter Kennedy, and the Headspinners produced power ballad by Burnham that helped get them signed, “Slow Dance.”"

You can join them for a live chat today (Monday September 13th) at 4pm PST/7pm EST at:

You can also dress up their doll below

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