Sunday, 29 August 2010

Yikes! About the banner...

I made the banner, and I did NOT mean to exclude Clara.
That was just a sample I sent V. and it was not the final and edited version.
By accident, V. must have put the wrong banner up. Don't blame her for anything though. :D

For Clara and the unsure readers, I am truly sorry. Clara, you're a great writer, and we really appreciate you writing for this blog. I would never exclude you. :)

This should be the banner. CLICK HERE

Once again, I'm really sorry.



Yes, it's my mistake!
Cowy121 did make the right banner about a week ago (not just now), but I somehow had saved the wrong version and in a hurry put up the wrong one. It's correct by now.
Once more sorry to Clara, we did not forget about you and are glad you're part of TSI!