Friday, 20 August 2010

What are proxies, how do I set a manual proxy and what if it doesn't work?

1. Proxy what?

What’s an IP?
Every computer has an IP (Internet Protocol) address. This is like the ID of your computer which also contains information about your location. Because of this Stardoll knows from which country you are, which makes that you don’t have access to certain free things that are restricted to 1 country only. However you can ‘trick’ Stardoll by hinding your IP address. Herefor you can use a proxy sever or manual proxy.

What is a proxy server?
With a proxy server you can visit any site (so including Stardoll) anonymously. They hide your own IP address and give you a new one. There are proxy servers that provide you with a US proxy, others with a UK proxy and so on.
Pro: They work fast.
Con: They contain advertisements, that may contain a virus or other junk! So close any pop-up as soon as you can. + Most don’t have Flash, meaning you can’t go to Starplaza, your suite, watch a video, make a scenery, ... Neither can you join a club with most proxy servers.
It is safe to log into Stardoll with a proxy server (meaning they won't steal your password or hack your account).

What is a manual proxy?
You can also change your IP address manually aswell! Just make sure to turn it back off afterwards!
A manual proxy is a number like: with port 80. Mostly we post examples and readers leave good ones in comments, but you can search for them yourself using Google. They are country bound, so make sure you use one from the country you want! And make sure they are anonymous, not transparent!
Pro: Manual proxies are (I believe) safer than proxy servers! If you use a manual proxy, you don’t have advertisements and thus no junk!
Con: Manual proxies are harder to find sometimes and most of them work slower than a server. So basically they ask a bit more of your time.

2. Where can I find manual proxies and how do I set one? 

Mostly we post examples and readers leave good ones in comments, but proxies are updated regularly and one might work for some and not for others or work really slow.
You can search for them yourself using Google (search for 'free proxy list') or sites like
Look for an anonymous (so not transparent) proxy from the country you want. 



First log into Stardoll, so you don’t have to do this with another proxy. (Don't do this when your first attempt failed and you're trying again after you cleared your history! See below!)


Change your proxy as describe below.

For Safari (Mac computer): Click here for a guide. (Check Web Proxy (HTTP))
Click ‘Safari’ on the top -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Change Settings -> Check Web Proxy (HTTP) -> Enter proxy and port -> Apply Now

For Internet Explorer:
Tools –> Internet Options —> Connections —> LAN Settings -> Check the ‘Use proxy’ box -> Enter the proxy and port -> Click OK

(click to enlarge pictures)

Thank you DivaStarLucy for the video!

For Firefox:
Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Check the Manual box -> insert the proxy and port -> Click Save.

!!: The following picture is in Dutch. ‘Extra’ in Dutch is ‘Tools’ in the English version of Firefox!!

Thank you Misstardollfan for the video!

For google chrome
Go to the little wrench Icon (‘Customize and control Google Chrome’ icon under ‘Window close’) -> Options -> ‘Under the Hood’ -> Scroll down and under ‘Network settings’ click ‘Change proxy settings’ -> in the popup dialog, select the Connections tab -> LAN Settings -> Check ‘Use a proxy server’ -> Advanced -> Enter proxy and port -> click OK

Thank you tumbler120 for the video! :)

For other servers:



Go to the page you want to go to. For example a sponsored club you want to join and join.


When you are done, go back to proxy settings and check ‘no proxy’!! Or check off the proxy box!


3. What if the proxy doesn’t work? 

First make sure you got a proxy from the right country and it’s anonymous.
If you get a time-out or page not found or it takes forever for a page to load, you’ll have to look for another proxy.
If you get a Stardoll page, but the wrong one (for example you see the wrong video in Stardoll Cinema) and you are sure you have a proxy from the right country: try clearing your history and cookies. In the new firefox (version 3.5.7) you can now clear your recent history (from 1 hour to 1 day back), which is very useful. ATTENTION!: First log out of Stardoll (!!), then clear your history, then set the right proxy, visit the page you like and log back into Stardoll!
Another way to avoid clearing your history is trying the proxy before you log into Stardoll that day. Of course you have to think about this before you go on Stardoll. Go use internet explorer when you've already loged in with firefox (or the other way around).

Hope it's helpful!
More tips and/or video's are welcome :)