Friday, 20 August 2010

Starpoint Rewards

Play and Earn:
Earn 70 points a month to get that months doll-statue!

Starpoint Rewards:


The last hairstyles: Picture thanks to
Prices and Superstar/not Superstar:
The 2 staircases at 6500 starpoints are superstar. 
The rocking horse at 9000 starpoints is superstar. 
The bed and the bathtub at 10000 starpoints are superstar.
The dog at 11000 starpoints is superstar - 5sd.

Not superstar:
Triple Rose Headband at 11000 starpoints not superstar (?) - 6sd.
Frida Kahlo Headband and Multi Yellow Flowers headband at 12000 starpoints both not superstar (?)- 5sd.
3D Cubist Shelving at 12000 starpoints not superstar - 8sd
Candy Skull at 12000 starpoints not superstar - 6sd
Melting Panda at 13000 starpoints not superstar - 8sd
Volcanic Class Heart at 13000 starpoints not superstar - 8sd
Autumnal Glow Chair at 14000 starpoints (??) - 10sd
 String Concrete Chair at 14000 starpoints (??) - 7sd

The hairstyles and other rewards are non-superstar.