Sunday, 29 August 2010


Hi Dolls. Clara here. Just here to say that im still ALIVE. And still A WRITER.
And that i like entertaining you guys, I am gonna Hold A MEGA competition.

What's the competition?
Dress your medoll up, With the best clothes you have !
And tell ME in the comment section why I should love your look (Don't forget to put your stardoll username in the comment! ;))
I will choose 10 people who will go through, Then you all can decide who
the winner will be.

And the winner?
The winner will get Superstar, stardollars
A photoshoot, And a interview with one of stardoll's
most known blog.

And because I CARE ALOT about the readers, the first 30 will get a gift in there suite.

Love always, CLARAPOP. a WRITER. lol :)
Sorry for being so rude, Im literally, Sitting with tears in my eyes. Look up.