Sunday, 29 August 2010

Miss scene + EXTRA COMP!

Secondly, The miss scene Girls, Have FINALLY been chosen!
in a random generator, And alot of looking, These 5 girls where chosen!
1. Lady_gaga4ever
2. Mini_12_5
3. madso_rox_cool
4. Shakira_avril
5. angelcaido

Write in the comment section below who you think should get the title!
* I didn't know that all 5 where superstars, I did his with a generator.
I am non-ss myself, And I know the feeling.. Next time, I will check if there ss or
non. Im sorry.

Third, Because I am soo Happy with all you guys, Im making an EXTRA comp!
what you have to do, Is tell me in 2 sentences why you like Stardoll, Or The stardoll Insiders. Winner will get to do a joined post with me, And the post will be about who is wearing it better! :D

Love always!!!!!! , Clara/Ocean♥