Friday, 20 August 2010


The only two left at Starplaza available through ‘Search’ (not the posters)!But you can also get them (posters included) by:

clicking here for Milly and Becky
clicking here for Paulina

And even more available through links! :D Thanks to MileyCyrussss and and Analiuska

Mary-Kate and Ashley posters: Click here!
Hilary Duff poster: Click here!

Hilary Duff items:Click here!

Aly and AJ items: Click here!

Avril Lavigne items: Click here!
(Still looking for the poster…)

Darin items: Click here!

Sabrina Bryan:Click here!

Faith Hill Store: Click here!
Thanks to Mileycyrussss 
Heidi Klum Store: Click here!
Thanks to Mileycyrussss

What did the other shops look like? Take a look at:

If you find more, let us know! Thank you!

More hidden items under ‘Special Editions‘!